The REMC Association of Michigan promotes the transformative use of technology and provides Michigan schools with access to educational resources and professional development to support quality teaching and learning.

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MI Learns Online Newsletter
REMC_MLO_Logo Topics of interest to you in the January 2016 issue of the MI Learns Online Newsletter include:

  • Moodle - Version 3.0 and Speech Recognition
  • Differentiating Instruction in Projec-Based Learning
  • Videos or in-class lectures...what works best?

New Courses Added to MI Learns Online

REMC_MLO_LogoLooking for online learning lessons and units you can adapt for your classroom?  Check out the MI Learns Online Courses!

Here are the 5 newest additions.

Exploring Space - teaches basic information about our solar system. By completing each step, students learn about planets, stars, and other objects in space. Course lessons are separated into boxes. Each topic should take you about an hour to complete, but if you don't have a whole hour, you can do each step in pieces. Grades K-4.


What is a Science Fair - Our science fair is completed in class and showcased in a digital format. A digital format means once a project is completed, the end product, along with pictures of the steps along the way, is put online and students can view each other's projects. You will have the opportunity to view a number of projects from both 6th grade teams. Grades 5-8.


Travel and Tourism - Traveling is part fun and part work! In order to have a great time you need to do a lot of planning. You have all the same basic needs when you travel that you do at home. You need to eat, sleep somewhere, and get around. There are a lot of details just GETTING to your destination. Will you take an airplane or drive? Do they use the same money as you do? Are there any diseases you need to be extra cautious of? Do you have a place to stay? Do you speak the language? Grades 7-9.


Speak: Elements of Fiction and Critical Lenses - Explores three critical lenses, some intermediate-level elements of fiction, and works on reading and vocabulary strategies with an eye toward solid comprehension. The novel Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson is required. Grades 8-10.



Great Lakes Ecology - An overview of the Great Lakes throughout time. As a student you will discover how the Great Lakes were formed into their present state and what current changes will shapes the future of these amazing lakes.We will look at many factors including: ecology, industry, history, current research and more. Brought to you by the Duluth Aquarium.



November 2015

REMC_MLO_Logo MI Learns Online Webinars, November 2015

  • November 4 - General Overview of the REMC MLO Portal - This overview of will include the resources that support administrators, counselors, teachers and parents. It will also include a review of the courses available and how to access them.
  • November 18 - Review Courses at the MLO Portal and How to Access Them - The participant will learn what courses are available in their content areas and how to access them for their own use.
  • Time: 4:00 - 4:45 PM

January 7 & 8, 2015

MiMoodle_WEB_SML MI Moodle Moot, January 7 and 8, 2016, Mid Michigan Community College, Mt. Pleasant. Go to: for more information and to register. Moot 2016 Flyer -