3 Kids holding ipads over faces with words iPads in Action

iPads in Action

"When you bring Apple products into the classroom, listening becomes discovering, interest becomes wonder, and passive learning becomes active exploration. Lessons come to life with touch, motion, and sound. Teacher resources, insights from fellow educators, and personalized support help you teach every subject, from reading to coding, in ways that kids really get. All of which makes those magical, a-ha moments happen much more often. For everyone.”

-Apple Education

Job Embedded Meaningfully use what you learn in your classroom right away.
Active Exploration Learn by being hands on to manipulating and discover day to day life.
Personalized Grow your skills your way, for your classroom.
Learn the critical aspects of the iPad, built-in and third party apps for teaching and learning.
Integrate teaching and management strategies to maximize student learning.
Level Up your instruction to take student learning to the next level.

* Learning and integrating using iPads In Action is most successful when running the most up to date operating system (iOS). Learn how to check your iPads version and update if needed.