November 2021
Keeping the conversation going…..join us for a Computer Science Slow Chat November 15th

REMC Association will be hosting Slow Chats the week of November 15th. We will be posting several questions over Twitter (@REMCassociation) to provide time for engagement and reflection regarding topics surrounding Computer Science. Specifically, the REMC Association slow chat will be focussing on the core concepts in the K12 Michigan computer science standards.

November 2021
PLAYDATEMI is a fun, unique way to learn and explore Computer Science for Michigan educators

The REMC Association is excited to offer PLAYDATEMI: Computer Science on December 8th.  This webinar-setting is a great way to explore computer science for a few hours in a fun and engaging way with educators throughout Michigan. Join us to learn about computer science apps, resources, tools and how to implement computer science standards into classrooms.

November 2021
December Webinar Series: Incorporating Computer Science Standards Into Your Thinking and Practices

What if adding computer science concepts throughout content areas was easier than you thought?  What if you were given practical ways to use what you already know and teach to give students the computer science skills they need for college and career readiness?  Look no further than December’s Incorporating Computer Science Standards into Your Thinking and Practices series.

November 2021
REMC SAVE Device Purchasing saved districts $31 million this year

REMC SAVE supports schools and students while saving time and money. Device Purchasing continues to help schools get devices in the hands of students and staff through competitive, aggregated volume bidding. $31 million was saved this year through Device Purchasing running from April through September 30th.

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