Organize Your Classroom With Showbie

Empowered Learner, Global Collaborator
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Showbie is an app used by teachers to assign, collect, and review student work. Showbie keeps student work organized by classes and assignments. Students can see their upcoming assignments. Teachers can upload documents for students to access and complete the assignment. Teachers can comment on student’s work.

Students will:

  • Be able to log onto Showbie, find their assignment, use the tools and submit it for teacher review.
  • Be able to go paperless. 

Vocabulary Words:

  1. Post: A post is a comment made to the teacher.

  2. Shared items: Shared items are assignments that the teacher shares to the class. 

To prepare for this lesson:

Note: The free version is limited to 10 uploads. This is an amazing tool to go paperless.

See Accommodations Page and Charts on the site in the Teacher Resources. 

Directions for this activity:

  1. The teacher creates the account for Showbie and provides students with a class code.
  2. After students log in with the class code, the student clicks on the class.
  3. Once the student is in the class, assignments will appear.
  4. The student clicks on the assignment to open it. Tools are above the assignment for writing, typing, and highlighting.
  5. To make the assignment larger a magnifier is in the upper left.
  6. Once the assignment is completed the student should click done.
  7. The assignment is then in the teacher’s class and can be graded with comments.

Different options for assessing the students:

  • Observations
  • Check for understanding
  • The teacher can create assessments in Showbie and grade them.
  • The teacher can create rubrics and upload them to Showbie.
  • Student completion of assignments can show mastery.

MITECS: Michigan adopted the "ISTE Standards for Students" called MITECS (Michigan Integrated Technology Competencies for Students) in 2018.

Empowered Learner 
1a. Students articulate and set personal learning goals, develop strategies leveraging technology to achieve them and reflect on the learning process itself to improve learning outcomes.
1b. Students build networks and customize their learning environments in ways that support the learning process.
1c. Students use technology to seek feedback that informs and improves their practice and to demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways.
1d. Students understand the fundamental concepts of technology operations, demonstrate the ability to choose, use and troubleshoot current technologies and are able to transfer their knowledge to explore emerging technologies.

Global Communicator
7a. Students use digital tools to connect with learners from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, engaging with them in ways that broaden mutual understanding and learning.
7b. Students use collaborative technologies to work with others, including peers, experts or community members, to examine issues and problems from multiple viewpoints.
7c. Students contribute constructively to project teams, assuming various roles and responsibilities to work effectively toward a common goal
7d. Students explore local and global issues and use collaborative technologies to work with others to investigate solutions.

Device: PC, Chromebook, Mac, iPad

Browser: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, ALL

App, Extension, or Add-on:

Get Started With Showbie


Top Ten Teacher Trainer Videos 


Provide students with writing assignments.

Students can use the tools to create an artistic document.

Upload a math document and have students complete it.

Upload a Mystery Doug  (MiTechKids) video assignment. 

Upload maps for students.

This task card was created by Julie Hoehing, Lake Shore Public Schools, April 2020. Updated November 2021.