REMC SAVE provides large volume contracts for a variety of educational resources, including furniture, school and office supplies, software and digital services, and technology.

The program saves time and money by providing bids compliant with the Michigan Revised School Code that also provides local school districts with the authority to purchase using REMC contracts. All items and vendors are awarded through a sealed bid process by the REMC Association.

By using REMC SAVE contracts, Michigan schools have saved over $1 billion since 1990. These savings can be used to extend additional learning opportunities to students. The small administrative fee charged to vendors is used to provide free classroom tools and professional learning.

REMC SAVE Vendor Information Buying Guide

Check out the new REMC SAVE Buying Guide that lists all REMC SAVE vendors, along with the vendors’ catalog discounts, and ordering information such as minimum orders, contract numbers, and whether they accept p-cards. Whether you’re new to REMC SAVE or a longtime customer, the Buying Guide is sure to be a helpful resource!