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REMC SAVE is a FREE service to all Michigan Schools. We provide competitively bid, large volume contracts for a variety of educational resources, including furniture, school and office supplies, software and digital services and technology. Awarded vendors pay a small fee to the REMC Association to cover the cost of the project and provide Michigan schools and educators free resources and professional learning statewide.

The REMC Association of Michigan put more than $120 million back into the budgets of schools in 2021 through REMC SAVE.

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What is REMC SAVE? REMC SAVE is a service of the REMC Association of Michigan for all public and private schools statewide and other public agencies. REMC SAVE contracts allow purchasing of a variety of products at highly competitive prices without the need to bid locally. REMC SAVE does the bidding, so you don't have to! REMC SAVE's process is compliant with the State of Michigan School Code requirements to bid on behalf of school districts. All contracts are awarded through a sealed bid process by the REMC Association of Michigan.
How does REMC SAVE help schools? Through competitively bid pricing, schools save time and money on purchasing. REMC SAVE takes care of the entire competitive bidding process to ensure the best price for schools and other eligible public agencies. REMC SAVE offers a searchable online catalog, shopping list and a Help Center. It provides low prices with shipping included, price stability through contracts, extended warranties, low or no minimum order requirements and most importantly - SAVINGS!
Eligible Agencies that can benefit from REMC SAVE Our goal is to support teaching and learning throughout the State of Michigan. The following are eligible to participate in the REMC SAVE program: Public and Private Schools, Public School Academies, Universities and Colleges, Public Libraries and Museums, State, County and Local Government Agencies, Educational Nonprofit Organizations and Healthcare Facilities.
What authority does REMC SAVE have to complete bids for schools? The legislation that established REMCs (Michigan Compiled Laws Act 451 Section 380.671), and State Board of Education Rules, enable REMCs to bid on behalf of local school districts and also provide local school districts with the authority to purchase using REMC contracts. All items and vendors are awarded through a sealed bid process by REMC SAVE and approved by the REMC Association of Michigan.
Products that REMC SAVE offers REMC SAVE offers savings on the following products: School and Office Supplies, Paper, Technology (Computers, Interactive Classroom Technology, Virtual Reality), Software and Digital Services (Adobe and Microsoft), Health and Safety Supplies. STEM Tools, Furniture, Art and PE Supplies, Catalog Discounts and much more....check out our catalog at
Selection process for REMC SAVE products REMC SAVE has adopted processes for product and vendor selection. Teachers, administrators and support staff have recommended products for consideration. Product selection criteria include: specifications, price, product quality and customer satisfaction. Product specifications reflect educational needs, customer input, technology changes and past experience with products.

Project leadership for REMC SAVE is provided by Michael Richardson and Erik Drake.