Final Assignment Options

Flexibility and options are built into the 21things4students sites to provide choices. This adult learning module reflects the intent to provide options for demonstrating your own learning with this unit.*

1. Classroom Educator role: Complete a document that provides:

  • A brief description of your educational setting.
  • Which of the 21 Things 4 Students resources (link to them) that you plan to use.
  • What you want your students to learn including a technology standard or competency that you will be addressing.
  • How you plan to integrate this into your classroom curriculum (or setting).

2. Non-classroom educator role: Complete a document that provides

  • A description of your target audience (teachers, para-pros, support staff, parents...) and one or more goals you have.
  • A list or description of the 21t4s resources you plan to explain or present.
  • Briefly describe how the 21t4s resources might be implemented in your setting.

3. Participant suggested modification for the final assignment (to be approved):

  • Submit a 1 paragraph proposal to the instructor describing a creative and meaningful way you will make use of the learning from this unit.

*Note: REMC online course participants will also have a Checklist to complete and turn in.

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