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Sketchnoting, also known as visual note-taking or doodling, is a technique that has been gaining popularity for its ability to help people organize and retain information in a more creative and engaging way. By combining words and images, sketchnoting helps students make connections between ideas and to retain information more effectively than traditional note-taking methods.  Dual Coding Theory tells us that recalling information is strongest when the VERBAL and VISUAL systems work together and Drawing Theory states that you remember things longer when you engage the LANGUAGE, VISUAL, and MOTOR parts of the brain.  Using Science to validate the importance of engaging in different systems at once, it means that skechnoting is more than just “doodling” - it is purpose-driven doodling!

What skills will be taught?

This course will teach you the basics of sketchnoting, including how to use images, color, and typography to enhance note-taking and increase comprehension. You will also learn how to teach sketchnoting to your students, and how to incorporate it into different content areas.  Not only that, the learning environment is structured so that each participant is an important part of the learning process - making the overall experience equitable, accessible, and most of all, fun!

Why Would i want to use this in my classroom?

Not only is sketchnoting a fun and engaging way for students to learn, but it also has numerous benefits for their academic success. The Picture Superiority Effect states that people remember pictures better than they remember the corresponding words.  In addition, research has shown that visual note-taking can improve recall by up to 29%, and that students who use sketchnoting have higher test scores and a better understanding of complex ideas. So why not embrace doodling to make a difference in your classroom!

So why not give your students an extra edge in their learning journey by incorporating sketchnoting into your classroom? Sign up for this free professional development course today and start exploring the world of purpose-driven doodling!

How Can I Participate

Additional cohorts are being scheduled for 2024-2025. Please check back or subscribe to our newsletter for all upcoming courses.


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