Esports in K-12 Education

What is Esports?

Esports is another pathway for students to feel connected and engaged with school. Esports are digital games played on electronic devices, such as computers, consoles, and tablets, where players compete against each other in structured tournaments, leagues and/or conferences. The games share similarities with traditional sports for developing mental and physical skills to compete recreationally and at the highest competitive levels.

There are many opportunities for careers in professional esports organizations such as coaches, fitness trainers, casters, accountants, and administrative assistants. Collegiate courses and degrees in the esport field are expanding, providing high school students more opportunities to apply and study in a growing field. 

REMC Esports for K-12 Project

The goal of the REMC Esports project is to create an entry point for schools ready to explore the benefits of participating in scholastic esports. 

Program objectives include:

  • Deliver professional development to secondary educators on the curricular ties to esports, and how to start and support a secondary esports program/team.
  • Facilitate an esports competition for REMC Esports Academy participant teams. 
  • To expand state exposure and participation in esports for students in underrepresented populations defined by socioeconomic status, cultural background, gender, and others. 

REMC ESports Institute 

The REMC Esport Institute will guide schools and districts through developing a personalized, long range (three years) implementation plan to build or expand access to esports. The goal is to capture all interested students through multiple pathways and ensure inclusion into this engaging and competitive learning opportunity.

This institute is appropriate for new or veteran programs and will support the creation of a clear and concrete communication plan and steps to provide a welcoming esports school culture. 

Resource Folder for Attendees

Watch for Upcoming Training Dates.

Participating schools/districts must register a team of at least three members; teams should include someone in a leadership role and someone at the classroom level. We highly encourage including a student representative. 

Resources for esports

Leadership Esports Resource Guide

Esports Learning Guide For Teachers and Coaches

Engaging Students through Esports in K-12 Education


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