MI Mystery Connect

What is a Michigan mystery connection?

A Michigan Mystery Connection is a live video conference between two classrooms in Michigan.  The classroom students in each school are unaware of the location of the other school.  Two classrooms take turns asking YES or NO questions to determine location.  Check out the information below for further details.

What is not a Michigan Mystery Connection?

A Michigan Mystery Connection is a NOT a competition to see who finds the other classroom first. Teachers and students should use ethical and investigative methods to find the other school. The goal is to learn and meet another classroom. Please do NOT use the teacher's name if known or other easily identifiable means to search for the school. 

Who is this designed for? 

The target audience is third grade and any other elementary classrooms studying Michigan. The connection itself lasts around 45 minutes. 

What will the students do during the connection? 

Participating students will be taking turns asking questions of the other classroom to determine where in Michigan they are located.  At the same time they will be answering questions asked of their class.  Check out our "Day Of" resources on the next page for greater details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment is needed for the connection?

An internet connected laptop or computer displayed to the class via projector and able to video conference via Zoom or Google Meet (with a working camera and microphone) is all that is required.  Some classrooms have found an external microphone for the class to be helpful. These items are available for checkout from your local REMC.

What is the Cost to participate?

There is NO COST for this video conference.  The REMC Mystery Connection Project is funded by the REMC Association of Michigan and is comprised of REMC Directors and Regional Instructional Technology Members from across the state.  Our goal is to provide an opportunity to connect with another classroom around a shared learning experience. 

How much time do I need to set aside?

The connection itself will last around 45 minutes.  Prepping your students beforehand using the resources found on subsequent pages of this site will also ensure a meaningful connection.

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How to participate

Fill out this form to be added to the MI Mystery Connect database and listserv.

To learn more, register for self-paced training. You will receive information from the instructor within 7 days.

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