Student-Centered Learning Across Michigan

About this professional learning  

If you are an educator and want to effectively and efficiently implement blended learning in your classroom - this learning opportunity is for you!

Student-Centered Learning Across Michigan, is designed  to create a local support structure to help educators build their own elements of a blended, self-paced classroom. 

Student-Centered Learning Across Michigan is a six-week, mostly asynchronous series to build a blended learning framework that makes it easier for educators to meet the needs of all students - even when they are absent. Participants will learn skills to gain a clearer picture of student learning and a blended learning model that allows teachers to work with small groups while learning continues in the classroom.

This series will train teachers, in any subject area, grade level or school, to implement three core, research-based practices that have been proven to impact student and teacher outcomes.

What are the three core practices?

The core practices include:

Blended Instruction:  Teachers record their own instructional videos to replace live lectures.  This allows students to learn at their own pace and frees up teachers to provide targeted individual and small-group support during class. It also enables students to keep up with content even if they are absent from school.

Self-Paced Structures: Teachers build systems and procedures which allow students to learn at their own individual paces while meeting essential learning objectives and deadlines. This builds student self-regulation skills and ensures that each student always has appropriately challenging material to learn.

Mastery-Based Grading: Teachers check for mastery at the end of each lesson and give students credit only once they’ve demonstrated a complete understanding of content and skills. This prevents learning gaps from forming while helping students build self-efficacy.

How can i participate?

Registration for Student-Centered Learning Across Michigan is open now. Registration Links can be found by clicking here.


Contact Information


Project Managers: Erin Luckhardt and Keith Tramper


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