Toolkit for Digital Citizenship

About these Resources

The toolkit provides resources for educator use in developing both an understanding of digital citizenship and ideas for implementing into classroom curriculum. It is built to help educators coach students to become skillful and mindful digital users.

Who is This Designed For?

This user-friendly toolkit is for educators wishing to embark on a learner-centered, job-embedded approach to implementing digital citizenship activities.  It can be used across all grade levels and content areas.


The toolkit provides learning resources, reflection questions and skill development tasks for 5 elements of Digital Citizenship.

  • Digital Citizenship: Foundational Understandings
  • Digital Footprint & Reputation
  • Relationships & Communication / Cyberbullying & Digital Drama / Media Balance & Wellbeing
  • News Media & Literacy
  • Privacy & Security

Additionally there are support videos including:

How To Use The Toolkit

This toolkit can be used by teachers for their own professional learning or within the classroom by students. Each section of the toolkit can be explored independently or the entire toolkit can be implemented in the order presented to serve as a comprehensive resource for implementing digital citizenship in your classroom or school.

The contributing author for this work was Advanced Learning Partnerships Consultant John McCarthy. The work was possible through a partnership between:

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REMC Association of Michigan Dell Technologies Advanced Learning Partnerships


Digital Citizenship Toolkit Contact

Sue Schwartz
Executive Director