Toolkit for Presentation Skills


This toolkit provides resources and guidance for educators wishing to grow their capacity to plan, facilitate and share any content in oral presentation form.


The competencies identified within this toolkit reflect many of the competencies identified with the ISTE Standards for Educators. 

  • Collaborator
    • Storytelling
    • Listening & Responding to an Audience
    • Adaptability & Flexibility
  • Designer
    • Audience-Centric Design
    • Engaging the Audience
    • Impact
  • Leader
    • Establishing Credibility & Purpose
    • Practice & Reflection
  • Citizen
    • Building a Culture of Learning
    • Sharing, Licensing & Intellectual Property Rights
  • Facilitator
    • Presenting With Clarity & Confidence
    • Emotion: Power & Pitfalls

Within each listed topic area, two or three presentation-specific skills are identified as essential to building capacity to present orally.  Each skill includes: Resources for New Learning, Questions for Reflection, and Potential Tasks for Skill Development.

The contributing author for this work was Advanced Learning Partnerships Consultant John McCarthy. The work was possible through a partnership between:

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REMC Association of Michigan Dell Technologies Advanced Learning Partnerships


Presentation Skills Toolkit Contact

Sue Schwartz
Executive Director