Kids at computer

What you are going to learn in this Unit:

1. Know how to establish your face of the classroom web presence in the Cloud

2. Know how to use video and audio resources to deliver anytime instruction

3. Know how to create your own instructional videos and upload to the Cloud

4. Understand what makes an effective online classroom web presence in the Cloud

5. Make connections with technology standards and best practice

6. Transfer the learning to professional practice by taking your classroom web presence and building it so that it is effective and used appropriately by your students

You will document your learning as you go through each of the sections. You will create or update a Face of the Classroom where you will share the assignments with your instructor. Go to the Final Assignment where you will find a checklist of activities and how to document them to share with your instructor. 

Move on to Classroom Web Presence in the Cloud

Note: This unit should take no longer than 10 hours.