Transforming Education - Maker Movement

Reinventing your Classroom or Educational Environment

The Maker Movement which encourages making and creating in the classroom has become very popular.  

Sylvia Martinez and Gary Stager write, in their first edition of  Invent to Learn, a book that some call the "Maker in Education bible"

"Maker classrooms are active classrooms. In active classrooms one will find engaged students, often working on multiple projects simultaneously, and teachers unafraid of relinquishing their authoritarian role. The best way to activate your classroom is for your classroom to make something."

They have since written their 2nd edition in 2019 and it is available on Amazon. If you have Kindle Unlimited you can read it for free. Martinez and Stager state, "This book just does not advocate for tinkering or making because it is fun, although that would be sufficient. The central thesis is that children should engage in tinkering and making because they are powerful ways to learn."

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REMC Maker Two

This independent learning unit will give you an introduction to the Maker Movement. You will learn about the resources and techniques that teachers are using in the classroom to transform their classrooms and educational environments so that they emphasize making, inventing, and creativity. 

Let's move on to Learn

“We cannot be teaching kids 19th-century science in the 21st-century,” he says. “As science evolves, education needs to catch up — we need to develop ways for children to access new content, such as artificial intelligence, genomics, and climate science. Maker education is an important part of that. Today, the way you vote depends on your understanding of climate change, the way you use social media depends on your knowledge of AI. If we do not bring these ideas to public schools, we will have a deep divide between public school kids and those in affluent schools equipped with new types of curricula and learning spaces.”

— Steve Giegerich