February 2023

Digital Toolkit offers a collection of curated resources to help educators

REMC offers several toolkits to support educators throughout Michigan. Each toolkit is a collection of curated resources around a specific topic. They are created to help educators have a starting place to find quality resources on that topic.  

Rather than starting with a Google Search - which we know can yield both too many resources and often includes questionable sources that may not be helpful, our toolkits get you to what you need.

The Digital Citizenship Toolkit has resource suggestions for 5 elements of Digital Citizenship.

  • Digital Citizenship: Foundational Understandings
  • Digital Footprint & Reputation
  • Relationships & Communication / Cyberbullying & Digital Drama / Media Balance & Wellbeing
  • News Media & Literacy
  • Privacy & Security

The section for each element is organized with a table of resources, accompanying reflection questions and a task for skill development. A reference list of resources and ways in which you could use the resource in your classroom is also included.

All REMC resources are Creative Commons licensed - which means anyone is able to copy, redistribute, remix (make edits to), and build upon the resource as long as they attribute where it came from and do not use it commercially.  

If you are a building or department leader, you may find that our toolkits offer ways in which you could do “byte” size professional development. Staff could explore one resource and answer the reflection questions. This could be done synchronously such as in a staff meeting, or asynchronously using a tool such as a discussion board. Group work could be used exploring a tool and developing an activity or lesson. You could also consider a round-table session with staff exploring one of the 5 areas and discussing or planning ways to implement it into the classroom.

Additionally, REMC has other available materials focussing on Digital Citizenship. For example: 

  • 21Things4Students (grades 5-9): includes classroom activities such as My Digital Life, Digital Footprint and Cyber Safety.
  • MiTechKids (grades K-5): includes classroom activities such as the Digital Citizen and Internet Safety.
  • Power Up for Teaching and Learning - Digital Leader: Provides ready to use materials in creating/providing staff development around digital leadership.
  • REMC Courses: We will be offering the upcoming REMC Courses for Michigan educators around Digital Citizenship: 
    • Digital Citizenship - Practical Implementation (March)
    • Power Up: Digital Leaders (April)

In future additions of the REMC Connect newsletter we will outline ways to use our Presentation and Media Literacy toolkits.