Professional LEARNING

Current educational technology topics that make the connection between curriculum, technology and best practice strategies.

offerings and registration

All offerings are free and open to Michigan school personnel.  SCECH credit is free and varies from offering to offering.

Virtual Courses for 2019:  You can take these courses “just to learn” or you can complete all assignments. They take place over three weeks with two webinars and four to  ten hours of resource review, assessment development and written reflection.

Face-to-Face EventsPLAYDATES, Discovery Education Experience and the Classroom Maker Summit 2019 are often hosted by local REMCs. Click one to view the event dates and locations and to register.


Independent Learning

The units below are designed for independent learning or can be used for customized offerings by schools or educational service agencies. Each has a "getting started, a learn and an assignment" component and take ten hours to complete. These units are also offered through our Virtual Courses and include a faciliator to support your learning and SCECHs.

Check out our self-paced introductions to many of the Classroom Maker kit resources on EduPaths.  These courses are free and you can earn SCECHs!