Professional LEARNING

Online and in-person courses tailored to a variety of interests and skill levels. 

We offer online and in-person opportunities for educators wishing to extend their knowledge and experience with technology integration. They are suitable for educators of all grade levels and subject areas. 

Whether you’re just starting out, or a seasoned pro looking to take it to the next level, we can help you meet your edtech goals. 

Virtual courses and in-person workshops and trainings are free and open to Michigan school personnel.  SCECH credit is awarded at no additional cost.

Virtual Courses for 2019: Virtual courses are three weeks long with two webinars and eight hours of resource review, assessment development and written reflection. A certified educator facilitates each course. Courses begin the first Monday of the month. Registration closes the Friday prior to course start. 10 SCECHs offered per course. How to Register for a Virtual Course

Workshops and Trainings:  Check out our upcoming workshops and trainings on topics such as PLAYDATES, Classroom Maker and others hosted by local REMCs.  SCECHs vary for event to event.

Independent Learning

Learn on your own or use this content to offer a local workshop. Each has a "getting started, a learn and an assignment" component and take ten hours to complete. These units are also offered through our Virtual Courses which includes a facilitator to support your learning and SCECHs.