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Making in Action: BloxelsAbout
Bloxels is a platform for creating video games in the classroom. As students build their games, they are not only game developers, they are writers, artists, and designers creating their own interactive stories.

Appropriate for Grades: K-12

Making the Argument: BloxelsAdding Value by Adding Bloxels
Hands-on, Brains On. It all starts with an idea. Bloxels EDU resources encourage collaboration while guiding students through a design thinking process. Using the Bloxels gameboard and blocks, students create their own 13-bit layouts, characters, and art for their game.

Physical Meets Digital. With the Bloxels EDU app, students can instantly turn their physical creations into a digital game. In the app, they can edit and customize everything - what it looks like and how elements interact and behave.

Build Interactive Stories. Students have the power to create rich, dynamic stories with their games. They can use Story blocks to tell narratives, build logic puzzles with Action blocks and transform their characters with Power-ups.

Collaboration from the Start. Using the Class Library, students can share their creations privately with their class. Working as a team, students are able to quickly collaborate on their layouts, characters, and art.

Classroom Maker Resources: BloxelsAdditional Resources

  • Bloxels video shows how students can use bloxels to show what they know on any subject.
  • The Introduction to Bloxels EduPaths course introduces new users to Bloxels.  It takes a student written story and, by using Bloxels, creates a playable virtual game out of it. .5 SCECHs.
  • Plan out your project and color code your board using the Planning Grid for Bloxels

For additional assistance with Bloxels or to try-before-you-buy, please contact your local REMC.


Ann Smart
Project Manager