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OzobotMaking in Action: OzobotAbout
Ozobot is a pocket-sized robot that can identify lines, colors, and codes on both digital surfaces, such as an iPad, and physical surfaces, such as paper.

Appropriate for Grades: K - 12

Making the Argument: OzobotAdding Value by Adding Ozobot
Ozobots is an award-winning robot for the next generation of creators. These bots can be coded two ways: online with OzoBlockly and screen-free with Color Codes. The creators of Ozobots hope to inspire young minds to go from consuming technology to creating it.

Classroom Makers Resources: OzobotAdditional Resources

  • The Introduction to Ozobots EduPaths course guides you through a drawing activity, highlighting basic robotics and then progressing to incorporating coding to make the robot follow directions better. .5 SCECHs.
  • OzoBlockly is a programming editor which enables you to take full control of your Ozobot's movements and behaviours. OzoBlockly enables you to create your own block-based program and load it into Ozobot Bit. It runs in modern web browsers across most major operating systems.
  • Use OzoBlockly Basic Training to  teach your students how to use the OzoBlockly editor and load programs onto Bit or Evo.
  • Fun games with Ozobot Bit and Evo that you can use to teach your students programming.
  • The Educator’s Guide covers everything you need to know about your Ozobots. From “meeting your bots” to getting started, training yourself to use you bot, to care and maintenance,
  • Search the Ozobot Lesson Library by grade level and content area to find just the right lesson or activity to use in the classroom.  
  • Start Start coding screen-free, with Color Codes that tell your Ozobot what to do. Simple enough for ages 6+, Color Codes teach basic coding concepts like cause/effect, critical thinking, and debugging.

For additional assistance with Ozobot or to try-before-you-buy, please contact your local REMC.


Ann Smart
Project Manager