For Our Families Toolkit

Welcome to the For Our Families Toolkit

These resources are designed to support families in their efforts to partner with schools and support their children through the learning journey. The resources focus on the essential areas of communications, emotional care, and partnership. 

What is in the Toolkit?

Through many conversations with families, it became clear families are looking for easy-to-use resources around the areas of communication, partnership and emotional support. We hope families will use these resources in their work to support their child/children in learning. 

  • Easy to use checklists and ideas on first steps
  • Short videos about each topic
  • Additional resources for families to consider.

How can this support me?

The demands of today’s parents are growing, and it is harder and harder to support all of the various needs of children. The resources in the toolkit are timely, and the suggestions are based on what has worked for other families. This toolkit can also be the start of meaningful conversations about how a deeper partnership with teachers and schools are possible. This toolkit offers:

  • Potential solutions to challenges parents shared they are navigating right now.
  • Suggestions for how to work through frustrating moments related to collaboration and communication.
  • Guidance on essential areas like emotional and mental health.

Why these topics? 

These topics listed below are key to families and schools working together to meet the needs of all students. We focused on three areas that have been amplified in recent years and are key to families and schools working together to meet the needs of all students. 

  • Communicating with schools
  • Supporting children with emotional care
  • Building a partnership between schools and home.

How will schools be using this resource?

Schools know that they can be most effective when families and schools are working from the same script. Many schools see this toolkit as a way to create connections with families around a common purpose and language.

  • Hosting focus groups to talk about these ideas
  • Sending out the toolkit to support families
  • Looking at the concepts in the toolkit for areas of strength and opportunities to grow.

What if I have additional questions? 

Though we hope that the toolkit will bring some answers and insight for families, we anticipate it will also generate questions about how the elements can become a reality in the schools that serve your children. If this happens, we encourage you to:

  • Reach out to a teacher or principal who is open to supporting you.
  • Share your question with another family as they may have the answer or the same question.
  • Search for additional resources from trusted sources of information. Consider one of those listed here.

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