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Learning is Always Happening

School plays an important role in formal learning, but learning is always happening. Children are learning from every interaction. They are also observing the behaviors of those around them. Families should see every moment as a way to support the growth of children. This includes: passing along family history, telling stories, and modeling kindness and civility.

Modeling Your Learning 

Children need role models in learning. It is important that they see their family learning. Talk about what you are learning. It can be a recipe, a lesson, or a piece of history. Children sometimes don’t recognize when adults are learning and what it looks like. This video outlines ways to showcase learning to children.

Learning about Learning

Modern schooling is more complex than ever. It helps your children when you have some understanding of how learning is constructed in schools. Look for ways to learn about teaching methods and vocabulary of learning. This video talks about ways to begin the journey of learning how school works.

Learning Through Questions

Questions are a catalyst for learning. Become a family of question-askers as this will promote learning through curiosity. Need some ideas, try these questions.

  • What is one thing that you learned today that surprised you?
  • How can you connect something you learned to our family?
  • Why should future students learn about this topic?
  • In what area do you wish that the teacher would have spent more time? 

Share Why You Love to Learn

  • Learning helps me to solve problems.
  • Learning allows me to connect with new things and ideas.
  • Learning deepens my understanding. 
  • Learning provides me new freedom. 
  • Learning provides me new ideas to consider.
  • What could you add to this list? 

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