Communication, Supporting

Finding Easy Ways to Support 

The ways that families can support schools are as diverse as the number of families in the school. In an era of tight resources and limited time, it is often difficult to figure out ways to support the school, but be encouraged by the fact that small acts add up and can make a big impact.

Sharing Good News

Every school is filled with good news. Some schools do a better job of sharing it than others, but all families can help to spread the good news to other families and the greater community. Watch this video on how you can play a role in letting others know about the hard work of teachers and students.

Using Social Media 

Social media can be a powerful force for good in our communities. It can bring new and diverse voices into conversations and keep families informed. Use social media to support learning by taking an extra pause if you hear something shocking or out of the ordinary. Don’t share or repost without checking. Do share good news, and don’t assume that everyone in your circles knows about information coming from the school. Watch this video on how to support through social media. 

Time, Talent, Treasure 

There are many ways that you can support schools as they are supporting you and your children. They include:

  • Thank a teacher for their hard work with email or phone call.
  • Record a quick video about how you appreciate the school and share it.
  • Take pictures of learning at home and share them with your child’s teacher.
  • Set aside one hour per month to support your school. 

Other Ways to Give and Get Support

  • Support Attendance- Being at school, when healthy, is foundational to the learning process. Look for ways as a family to maximize attendance.
  • Support Participation- When children participate in school activities, they generally have better grades and have greater excitement about being at school.
  • Support Reading- Literacy is the fundamental building block of all learning. Utilize all avenues to bring reading into your home.
  • Support Staff- Take time to let the staff that work at the school know that you appreciate all that they do to make the school function smoothly.

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