Increasing Efficiency and Productivity

Increasing Efficiency and Productivity

We all want to become more productive, efficient and organized in both our professional and personal lives. Technology if used appropriately can actually increase and improve our productivity.

There are new apps every day with the promise that they will solve our problems. In this independent learning unit, we will introduce you to applications that are tried and true. We will show you how to use them in your classroom and with your students. 

The key though is to use them! If you are using a calendar, you need to update and check it daily. If you decide to use one of the list making applications you need to create tasks, complete and check them off.


One way to be successful is not to implement everything at once. Start with one or two applications and then add more as needed. Don't make the mistake of taking on too much. This unit will help you take baby steps in using technology appropriately to become more efficient, organized and productive. 

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