Enhancing Instruction For All Learners

This is an independent unit focusing on different ways to enhance your lessons with the effective integration of technology resources while addressing different learning needs of your students.

It is designed to take 10 hours to complete, although it is always easy to spend additional extra time exploring the additional resources provided. 

Activities in this Unit:

1. Identify basic principles of Universal Design, Differentiated Instruction and Best Practice teaching strategies that can enhance an existing or new lesson or activity in the classroom 

Explore Principles & Instruction

2. Apply these strategies to enhance learning through effective technology integration 

Explore Best Practices and Strategies

3. Learn how to find and incorporate online interactive learning activities to address a variety of learning styles

Explore Interactives

4. Expand your perspective of ways to address learning barriers and provide support to learners using technology tools 

Explore Addressing Learning Barriers

You will be documenting your learning as you go through the sections in this unit. In the end, you will create or have modified a lesson plan or activity that uses a variety of technology resources, that models how you can integrate these strategies in your instruction, and identifies strategies to enhance learning for all learners. You will be asked to share this with others or through your favorite social network site.

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