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As you go through the content of this module, we suggest that you create an artifact to use to take note of ideas and resources that stand out for you, ideas or questions to think about, and plans or steps you want to pursue further.

1. Create or modify a Lesson Plan

Create or modify an existing or new lesson plan that integrates some of the techniques and resources to help one or more struggling readers.
5Es Lesson Plan Template available or use your own. This slide deck will walk you through how to use the 5Es template. 

2. Research an app or approach- If you would like to research a particular reading difficulty, you are more than welcome to. Make sure you choose an appropriate medium to present your findings. Include tools that will help support students with the reading difficulty that you are focusing on.

Possible artifact choices: a lesson plan, presentation, podcast, webpage, screencast, video, or alternative you suggest to the instructor.  It might be helpful to visit the media artifact choices and tutorial resources on the Creating Your Own Digital Artifact on the 21things4students Creative Communications page.

3. Create a Professional Development Artifact for teaching others about techniques and resources for helping struggling readers.

  • Identify your audience, setting, source of the information, and the end result desired for your chosen audience.
  • See media choices above under the Research option - presentation, video, tutorial, podcast, about an app for reading...etc.

4. Create your own final assignment to meet your personal goals.


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