My Classroom in a Digital Age

A word cloud of terms for a digital age classroom

My Digital Life...

Have you found yourself excited and sometimes overwhelmed by the changes occurring as technology and digitally connected devices present new teaching challenges and classroom learning opportunities?

Our life is continuing to evolve due to an increasingly digital environment, and one that presents new challenges for teaching and learning. A growing majority of us, in developed nations, have access to a tremendous number digital devices that we wear or use, and that are interconnected and networked. In our busy lives, we can run the risk of losing perspective, feeling disconnected, overwhelmed, sidetracked, or even out of control. 

This learning unit will take you on a short journey to identify, explore and reflect on some of the important issues that make an impact on teaching and learning in an increasingly changing digital age. Themes of Digital Citizenship are an integral and important part of living and collaborating in a digital environment, and are addressed. Each part of this unit includes a variety of grade-level lessons and resources to help you select and build your own vision of teaching in a digital age.

Driving Questions:

  • Everyone using the Internet or cell phone leaves a digital footprint that is part of their digital life. What should you know as an educator and teach your students about theirs?
  • How concerned should you be about privacy and security when using digital devices?
  • Are decisions or opinions influenced by our online activities somehow? How do we help students recognize bias and fake news?
  • What resources are available to help you teach, and your students to learn, about being positive digital citizens?
  • Are there some helpful strategies and tips that will help me in my digital age classroom?

This independent learning unit will take approximately ten hours to complete. We highly suggest that you create a Learning and Reflection document to use while going through these materials. We hope it will help you become more knowledgeable about, and prepared for, the challenges of teaching and learning in the digital environment we live and work in.

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