Due to the Covid 19 situation, these resources have been added temporarily to this Learning Unit.

Adobe Acrobat has become a standard way to post and share documents that can be viewed, edited, and/or downloaded on virtually any device. This makes it extremely useful for teaching online and working together virtually.

Adobe has provided a free Acrobat reader to open and read files.

Third-party apps and resources

There are a large number of free tools and resources that make these accessible and easily useable by students with a computing device with online access: smart phone, tablet, and computer. Some have made them available free during the Covid-19 crisis. Some of these are listed below:

Kami extension for Chrome


Considerations for Effective Screencasting (42 min)


Visit our partner REMC course resources:

Dynamic Presentations: Recording Your Presentation To Video and expand the different sections

  • Screencasting tools,
  • Tips for a good Screencast
  • Using Google Slides or PowerPoint

Multimedia Tools to Engage Students - Creating Your Video

  • Lessons and projects with video for the classroom
  • Planning your video
  • Video creation choices
  • Xtra options - using Google slides or PowerPoint
  • Some free and ready-to-use video resources for the classroom

Extending Your Classroom to the Cloud - Creating Your Own Instructional Video

Special Screen Capture, Casting, Sharing pdf of 2020 presentation by guru Leslie Fisher

Creating online content using Microsoft Sway - a 2020 presentation by guru Leslie Fisher

Google Classroom - sign up for the free Google Classroom REMC Course or visit the self-paced module. How to Use Google Classroom 2020.

Edmodo - get a free account Distance learning resources to: send messages, share class materials.

Schoology - create your own free teacher account for free and create and manage your courses online, or provide class materials in this as a portal, and have students submit their work, and grade it, and host discussion forums (asynchronously).  Schoology has a series of Getting Started Videos for instructors

Seesaw - remote learning Teacher Planning Guide and Remote Activities
 Teachers can sign up for a free Teacher account by creating one, or using their Google account.

Google Meet and Chat - how do they work?

Microsoft Teams a tool for Chat, Meet (up to 10,000), Call, and collaborate

Microsoft Whiteboard to use during virtual meetings - a pdf from Leslie Fisher

Zoom - What is it, how does it work, tips and tricks

Flipgrid You Might Not Know About - pdf of a 2020 presentation by Leslie Fisher

Wakelet, a resource that lets you curate content from the Internet into one location, so it turns into a story page or portfolio page. It supports twitter, vimeo, YouTube, Instagram, PDF, Web and text, and Immersive Reader.

Visit our partner REMC course page: Engaging Students in a Personalized Classroom - Interactive Learning Tools

  • Interactive Lesson Tools
  • Interactive Study Tools
  • Interactive Assessment Tools
  • Interactive Game-Based Learning Tools

Visit the partner course Enhancing Instruction For All Learners - Addressing Learning Barriers

  • Free text-to-speech converters
  • Speech Recognition in Google Docs
  • Visual Tools
  • Audio recording applications
  • Adding closed captions to your videos
  • mATchup for assistive technologies and apps
  • Chrome Browser - Insert Learning
  • Creating Digital Artifacts