For this learning unit, complete one of the following activities:


1. Apply your learning

Create: an artifact that you will use with your students (or staff, parents, colleagues).

Identify:  your audience, setting, source of the information, relevant technology standard, and the end result desired for your chosen audience.

Suggested Artifact choices: a lesson plan, presentation, webpage, screencast, video,or flipbook.  It might be helpful to visit the media artifact choices and tutorial resources on the 21things4students Creative Communications Site.

2. Create and commit yourself to a next step for a personal learning plan:

Write up a personal learning plan. Identify ONE specific area from this course for further exploration that you are passionate about. Start with your topic, add some questions and ideas you have, and links to one or more resources to explore further. Explain why you think it will make a difference in your teaching and for your students. Cite some research supporting your choice.

Recommended Elements for Your Learning Plan:

1. Create a document, or method to collect your ideas and resources for your learning journey (Google Keep, Microsoft OneNote, Spreadsheet, Bookmarking tool, Slides…).

2. Set a date on your calendar for when you plan to begin and then complete it, with a link to your learning plan.

3. Set a reminder on your calendar a week or two after your planned start.

4. Identify and invite a learning colleague, partner, or online social media group, or join a listserv to join you in your learning pursuits.

5. SHARE your ideas, questions, and resources with at least one other individual that can provide constructive feedback on your learning journey.

You may find it helpful to download and refer to this checklist as you move through the different sections and resources.

If you are previewing this page, Move on to Themes of Digital Citizenship.

Congratulations if you have now completed this Learning Unit.

Technology Competencies and Standards Resources

MITECS: Michigan Integrated Technology Competencies for Students

Michigan Technology Competencies for Students

ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) Standards for: students, educators, coaches, and education leaders.

ISTE Technology Standards for Students

ISTE Technology Standards for Educators

ISTE Technology Standards for Education Leaders

ISTE Technology Standards for Coaches