Tech up your K-5 Content with MITECS

MiTechKids 2019

MiTechKids is a website that provides K-5 educators with FREE resources for integrating technology into activities in the classroom to prepare students for success in the real world. This site precedes the website that is designed for grades 5-9. 

In this independent learning unit, you will learn how to use task cards and activities on the website with your students. The resources are organized by grade levels K-5. Then at each grade level, each level is divided into the seven competencies from MITECS with the addition of a Basic technology skills category for all ages. 

By the end of this unit, you will have a good understanding of the 21st-century technology skills that your students should accomplish at their grade level. Each task card has tutorials for the teacher to use first to learn the material before using it with their students.  

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