1. Complete all of the steps in the independent learning unit. 

2. Use the Google Doc from What is a Task Card? and fill it out as you work on that section and the next. (If you are in a class you will need to share this document with your instructor. )

3. You will do one or the other below for your final assignment:

  • Choose a task card that you will use with your students. 
    • You will do the activity with your students. 
      • How did the students view the activity?
      • Did technology enhance learning and make a positive difference for the students?
      • What modifications did you do to the lesson?
      • Is there anything you would do differently the next time you present the activity to your students?
  • Using the task card template, create a task card to share with your instructor. 
    • Make a copy of the task card template (Go to File>Make a Copy>Rename it with the name of the activity) and share it with your instructor.
    • Make sure to read the description of what goes in each section. 
    • Make sure to check the Task Card index first so that you do not duplicate a card. 

Note: If you are taking this as an online course, check with your instructor for submission details.

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