Design Thinking Resources

What resources are Included?

We have included videos, frameworks, helpful sites, tools and books that educators will find helpful to integrate design thinking into classroom lessons.  All of these resources have been curated to ensure ease and relevance and are used during the virtual training sessions that are offered free during the year. 


Equity Center Design Framework - Reimagine the design process in a way that promotes equity.

The Henry Ford Model I - Learning frameworks based on artifacts and stories in The Henry Ford Archive of American Innovation. The framework consists of two frames: Actions of Innovation and Habits of an Innovator.

The Launch Cycle - A K-12 design thinking framework.

Helpful Sites

Design Thinking Explained - Article written by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) experts in the field.

Human-Centered Design - Designed for organizations that work with impoverished communities but includes methods relevant to education as well as it takes you through the human-centered design process.

IDEO - Global design company

Makers Empire Design Thinking Guide for Teachers

REMC 21Things4Students: Design Thinking - Learn more about design thinking by completing quests in an online learning experience.

Stanford - Design thinking insitute based in Stanford University.


Design Dots - Fifty quick ways to integrate design thinking into your language arts classroom.

Innovators's Compass - Tackle everyday challenges with this simple and convenient tool. By mapping out your observations, principles and ideas, you can address problems and make a plan of action within four steps.

IDEO Method Cards - These cards are low-tech and offer 51 ways to inspire design, while keeping humans at the center of the process the whole time. Each card describes one method and includes a brief story about how and when to use it. These cards are not a "how to" guide. They are a design tool meant to help you explore new approaches and develop your own. The deck can be used to take a new view, to inspire creativity, to communicate with a team or to turn a corner.

Solve In Time - Deck of cards to facilitate design thinking through real world problems.

The Empathy Toy - A blindfolded puzzle game that can only be solved when players learn to understand each other.


Launch - Using design thinking to boost creativity and bring out the maker in every student written by John Spencer and A.J. Juliani.

Change By Design - How design thinking transforms organizations and inspires innovation written by Tim Brown.

Design Thinking for School Leaders - Five roles and mindsets that ignite positive change written by Alyssa Gallagher and kami Thordarson.

Design Thinking in the Classroom - Easy-to-use teaching tools to foster creativity, encourage innovation and unleash potential in every student written by David Lee.

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