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15. Design Thinking


Design Thinking is a process for designing something to solve a problem. It shares a lot of similarities to the Engineering Design Process you might learn in a STEM class and the Scientific Method you learn in science. However, it tends to work really well with creating solutions to problems that impact humans, also known as Human-Centered Design

In this Thing, you’ll work with a team to identify a problem, come up with ideas to solve it, make a prototype of your best idea, test it out, and ultimately share it. Your goal is to make a positive impact on the problem you choose.

Learning Objectives

When you have completed this Thing you will:

  1. be able to use research skills to understand real-world problems and develop ideas to solve them [Innovative Designer, Knowledge Constructor]

  2. know how to use a design process to solve a problem [Innovative Designer]

  3. be able to create and test prototypes to improve on a design [Innovative Designer]

  4. be able to choose appropriate tools to organize and manage a process with team members [Innovative Designer, Global Collaborator]

  5. be able to choose appropriate tools to share your ideas with a target audience [Innovative Designer, Creative Communicator]

  6. understand Tinkercad design software basics [Empowered Learner]

  7. know how to use Tinkercad software to design your own invention that solves a problem or changes how people interact with the world [Innovative Designer]

  8. know that technology is something that solves a problem or changes how people interact with the world [Knowledge Constructor]

Quest 1: What is Design Thinking?

Learn about design thinking processes and how you can use them to solve problems. You’ll assemble a diverse team and determine how you’ll collaboratively manage your design thinking process.

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Quest 2: What's Your Problem?

Use your observation skills to discover real-world problems affecting people in your community. You’ll develop an understanding by empathizing with people on all sides of the issue affected by your problem. Lastly, you’ll define why it’s important to solve your problem.

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Quest 3: Big Ideas

Brainstorm lots of ideas that might solve your problem. Research what other people have tried and build upon the ideas of others to come up with your best idea.

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Quest 4: Prototypes

Select the materials you need to create a model for your idea. You’ll use this model to show the important features and ideas behind your creation and how it solves your problem.

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Quest 5: Test & Improve

Put your prototype to the test. You’ll team up with another team to gather feedback and improve upon your design.

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Quest 6: Reflect & Share

Take a moment to reflect on what you’ve created and what you’ve learned. You’ll also develop a short presentation to raise awareness for your problem, share your solution, and persuade others to join your cause.

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Design Thinking Gold

Gold TinkerCAD  

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