powerful presentations

11. Powerful Presentations

Please note that the features of both Google Slides and Microsoft 365 PowerPoint and tutorial videos are in the process of being updated. We will post a note here when it is all completed.


Tired of writing all the time? Would you like to express yourself through a presentation instead? During these Quests you are going to learn how to present your ideas creatively through Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint. 

Learning Objectives

When you have completed this Thing you will:

  1. know how to use online presentation tools [Empowered Learner]

  2. understand the features and attributes of effective presentations [Creative Communicator]

  3. know how to use a variety of media to create and collaborate on an effective presentation [Global Collaborator]‚Äč

Quest 1: Collaboration

Use a Visual Organizer, to get ready to create a shared presentation. Plan and teamwork the first steps.

Quest 2: Basics

The team will learn how to create a dynamic presentation and how to set it up.  

Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint

After completing the first two Quests, you will have to make a choice to use Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint and complete the Quests to create a presentation.

QGS# = Quest Google Slides # of the Quest

QM#= Quest Microsoft (PowerPoint) # of the Quest

Google Slides

Microsoft PowerPoint

QGS1 Create

QM1 Create

QGS2 Insert

QM2 Insert

QGS3 Format

QM3 Format

QGS4 Effects

QM4 Effects

QGS5 Arrange

QM5 Arrange

QGS5 Share

QM6 Share










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