6. Cyber Safety


The Quests on this Thing 7 are to help you make connections between the real world and the digital world. The decisions you make in your digital world affect you as much as those made in the real world. In fact, your digital decisions and behaviors can affect you more and for longer than decisions made in the real world--even with prospective employers and college applications!

Earn your Cyber Safety Expert badge by successfully completing these Quests.

Learning Objectives

When you have completed this Thing you will:

  1. know how to be safe while on the Internet [Digital Citizen]

  2. understand online etiquette [Digital Citizen]

  3. understand the impact of online bullying [Digital Citizen]

Build a Cyber Shield Quests 1-3 

There are three quests in this section:

  • Q1 Bill of Rights focuses on the importance of understanding basic rules for internet use.
  • Q2 Danger! This quest addresses the importance of being a responsible digital citizen.
  • Q3 Online Etiquette that explores your knowledge of how to behave online.

Protect your identity Quests 4-6

There are three quests in this section:

  • Q4 Cyber Spy Game was a Flash-based activity that is being replaced (spring 2021).
  • Q5 ID Security to learn about how important it is to know about ID security and use ways to keep your identity safe & secure, and what to do if it is stolen.
  • Q6 Six Clicks is about protecting your identity

Stop the Bully Quests 7-9

Cyber Safety Gold

Currently, there are no optional activities featured.

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