About This Project

21things4students (21t4s)

WHAT IS THE 21Things4Students

About These Resources

The 21Things4Students is a resource designed to help middle school students in grades 5-9 to improve their technology proficiency.  Students build their information literacy and digital citizenship skills.

Who Are These Resources Designed For?

21Things4Students is for classroom educators to use with students as they learn specific skills (presentations) etc. that improve their technology proficiency as they prepare for success in the 21st century. The content addresses both the International Educational Technology Standards for Students (ISTE-S) and the Michigan Integrated Technology Competencies (MITECS). 21Things4Students is proud to have received the ISTE Seal of Alignment as it builds the foundational technology skills needed to support the ISTE Standard for Students.

What is included?

The site is organized into 21 non-sequential "Things" (big ideas). Each "Thing" is made up of Quest Activities that are divided into subpages (Intro, Vocabulary, Steps, and Concluding Pages).  The activities use freely available tools, resources and sites that are vetted as appropriate for students in grades 5-9. Students can earn digital badges and awards as they complete the activities assigned by their teachers. We strongly recommend everyone start with the Basics.

How do I learn more about how 21Things4Students is set up?

Start by going to the ORIENTATION menu item and select from the drop-down menu. Watch the overview video and learn about the structure of the site.  From there, students will be directed to the main page with the 21things hyperlinked icons, and teachers will be directed to the Teacher Resources page.   Next is determining how you want to use 21Things4Students in your classroom.

How do I get started using this with my students?

21Things4Students is designed for flexible delivery. The Things do not 'build' on each other and can be used in any order, although we have suggested an order through the numbering sequence. Teachers can use the entire set of 21 Things or select individual Things and individual Quests.

We encourage you to download and use the Teacher Handbook located on the Teacher Resources page, and to start all students on the Student Orientation Page and then to start with Thing 1. Basics, that will help orient them.

I have questions about getting started, who can I contact?

Please send an email to 21things4students@remc.org. We usually respond within 24 hours of receiving your inquiry, It helps to dentify the topic of your request in the subject line.

Complimentary Resources

MiTechKids is designed as the "on-ramp" to 21Things4Students. It includes FREE short lessons for K-5 educators integrating technology in the K-5 classroom. Lessons are organized by grade level, content area and MITECS for quick reference and ease of use.  Learn more about this resource here

21Things4Educators is designed to address digital-age teaching and learning, the Training section Pick a Thing has 21 learning tutorials for educators.