digital Footprint

5. Digital Footprint


Your next Thing is Digital Footprint. You may not realize this, but each time you log on to the Internet, use your cell phone, or do anything digitally you are leaving a digital trail. In this Thing, you will be completing four Quests. Once you complete these Quests, you will earn the 21t4s Investigator badge.

Learning Objectives

When you have completed this Thing you will:

  1. know the concepts and actions that create a digital footprint [Digital Citizen]

  2. understand that my digital footprint has an impact on my life [Digital Citizen, Empowered Learner]

  3. understand the importance of empathy and social responsibility in my digital footprint [Empowered Learner, Digital Citizen]

  4. be able to create a positive and safe online web presence [Innovative Designer, Digital Citizen]

  5. understand how digital media can have positive and negative effects [Digital Citizen]

Quest 1: Managing Your Footprint

This Quest requires you to put your thinking cap on tight and do some reflection, make a record of your online activities using your own footprint, and calculate your media usage. 

 I am ready for Quest 1

Quest 2: Your Evolving Footprint

Learn about the Digital Dossier and your own digital footprints. 

I am ready for Quest 2

Quest 3: Creating a Web Presence

 At last! This is your opportunity to create your own digital presence online.

I am ready for Quest 3


You will learn how social media can impact your digital footprint.

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QUEST 5: Balancing My Media

You will be exploring the good and bad sides of digital media and what you can do to create your own digital media balance.

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Gold Quests

 I am ready for the Gold Quest: Blogs

awardiconI have completed the Quests as assigned by my teacher.
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