Visual Organizers Image

2. Visual Learning Graduation

Congratulations! You have completed the Visual Learning Quests.

To receive your badge or certificate for completion from your teacher:

1. When I have completed this Thing I can:

  • create a graphic organizer
  • use a graphic organizer to brainstorm a project or presentation
  • create a QR code
  • scan a QR code to access information
  • follow a five step scientific process 
  • know how energy transfer (potential and kinetic) will impact my design for a roller coaster that has enough kinetic energy to complete a full run
  • understand how energy loss dissipates enough energy (through friction) to stop safely at the end of the designated track

2. Take this Visual Learning Quiz. The password for the quiz is visual21. Do your best! 

3. Take a screenshot of your quiz results to show your teacher. 

4. Please take this short survey to share your ideas on how to improve these activities and this 21 Things 4 Students resource. 

5. Show your completed work to your teacher to receive your Strategist Badge or Certificate.

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