21. Computational Thinking Graduation

Congratulations you have completed the Computational Thinking Quests.   

To receive your badge or certificate for completion from your teacher:

1. After I have completed this Thing I can:

  • define computational thinking
  • take a complex problem and break it into smaller chunks
  • recognize patterns or trends in data.
  • understand abstraction
  • hide details that are needed
  • create an algorithm for a complex problem
  • explain the key elements of a good online game
  • create a game in Gamestar Mechanic using game design principles
  • practice basic coding skills using the resources provided
  • program Sphero to create geometrical shapes
  • program Sphero to dance to a favorite song (approved by your teacher)
  • program Sphero to navigate a maze and compete with your classmates in navigating the maze the quickest
  • refine the programs to be most efficient
  • use sensor data as a tool to revise my code
  • relate the drag and drop code in JavaScript
  • use the camera feature to record Sphero
  • properly calibrate the Ozobot
  • use the Ozobot Color Codes in the proper sequences to make Ozobot follow a path given parameters
  • explain how Ozobot senses its environment and moves in it

2. Take this Computational Thinking quiz. The password for the quiz is game21. Do your best! 

3. Take a screenshot of your quiz results to show your teacher. 

4. Please take this short survey to share your ideas on how to improve these activities and this 21 Things 4 Students resource. 

5. Show your completed work to your teacher to receive your 21t4s Programmer Badge or Certificate.

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