My Digital Life

3. My Digital Life


This Thing will help you build an understanding of your different learning preferences that will help you be an “empowered learner.”

Empowered Learners

  • know their own learning preferences and some strategies that support them,
  • apply technology applications and strategies that can address their personal preferences and strengths
  • review and reflect about their personal learning goals and strategies to continually monitor and improve them,
  • customize personal learning space to maximize the learning environment.

Learning Objectives

When you have completed this Thing you will:‚Äč

  1. Know how to apply technology that support your learning preferences and styles [Empowered Learner]

  2. Demonstrate ways to customize your learning environment [Empowered Learner + Knowledge Constructor]

  3. Be able to organize and manage tasks and time [Knowledge Constructor]

  4. Know how to break things into discrete steps [Computational Thinker]

  5. Be able to use feedback from technology tools to customize your own learning environment [Knowledge Constructor]

Quest 1: What's YOUR style?

In this Quest you will use a data collection tool to learn more about yourself, and strengths and struggles of different personality types. 

I am ready for Quest  1

Quest 2: Strategies & Tools

In this Quest, you will identify some learning strategies and technology applications and tools that have been found to be helpful for the different personality types.

I am ready for Quest 2

awardiconI have completed the Quests as assigned by my teacher.
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