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Q6. Advanced Search With Google

9. Search Strategies


Your task for this Quest is to learn how to do a search the most effective way. Google is the go-to website for most when doing a quick search, but there are ways to effectively and efficiently do a Google search. Spend less time searching by using the advanced search function in Google! 

Advanced Search

I Can Statements

  • do an advanced Google search
  • effectively and efficiently do my research

Key Vocabulary

Advanced Search: An advanced search provides commands for making Web searches more precise.

Searching: Searching is trying to find the information you need on the internet

Usage rights: Usage rights is obtaining the use of copyrighted work.

After practicing the vocabulary move on to STEPS for Advanced Searching in Google. 

Play the interactive Quizlet Game: Direct Link


We all love Google as it is so easy to use. What we don't like is all the results it brings back and having to wade through them for the answer. Google has an advanced search feature, but it is not on its main page. When you do use the advanced search in Google it will narrow down the results and more than likely bring back a more relevant search. 

1. There are two ways to locate the advanced search in Google

  • The first is very simple. Just go to and type in the search box google advanced search. Then click on the result. (
  • The second is to do a search like you normally do in Google. After the results appear, you will click on Settings and then Advanced Search. 

2. Now watch the video (on your own or with your class) on how to do a Google Advanced Search. 

Direct link to this video

3. Now it is time to do your own advanced search. 

4. Go to the advanced search feature in Google. 

5. Do the same search as you see in the box below. You want information on drug abuse in teens in Michigan and you don't want results on adults. 

6. Notice that you can narrow your results down to language, region, last update, etc. You will choose the last update as "past month". This will bring back very recent results if there was something published on the topic. If you want to find results in a different language, you can choose from over 4o languages. 

drugs teens michigan

7. After you click on Advanced Search at the bottom of the search page, you will see the results narrowed down considerably. If too narrow, you can go back and broaden your search by changing the keywords, time frame, etc. Your result will look something like this. You should only see articles on teen drug abuse in Michigan. 

drug abuse teens michigan

8. There are other neat features to narrow down your search result when doing an advanced search. The file type is especially useful if you would like to find a presentation on a topic or spreadsheet that might help you on an assignment.

The usage rights are very important when you are looking for images and other resources on the Internet to use in your reports. Please remember to narrow your search down to FREE TO USE!

Advanced Search results 2

8. Now it is time to use the advanced search feature to search your own topic or one assigned to you by your teacher. 

9. Open up this Google Advanced Search Assignment document and share it with your teacher. Using the topic you or your teacher chose, use the document to record your findings.

  • Do a basic Google search and take a screenshot of the first page so that you know how many results came back in this search. 
  • Then open up Google Advanced Search.
  • Try out each of the options.
  • Take screenshots of the different results.
  • Using the screenshots, compare and contrast the results. 
    • Did you retrieve good results the first time?
    • Did you retrieve better results after you narrowed it down?
    • Did you retrieve different kinds of results when you narrowed it down? 
      • If so, what?

Completing This Quest

Congratulations on completing an advanced search in Google! Isn't it nice to do a search more efficiently and retrieve better results? Bookmark the advanced search so you can easily access it the next time you are doing research. 

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MITECS   Michigan Integrated Technology Competencies for Students, and

ISTE Standards for Students

3. Knowledge Constructor
a. Plan and employ effective research strategies to locate information and other resources for their intellectual or creative pursuits
b. Evaluate the accuracy, perspective, credibility and relevance of information, media, data or other resources
c. Curate information from digital resources using a variety of tools and methods