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9. Search Strategies


Welcome to Search Strategies! If you are like most people, it is very easy to get lost and spend hours trying to find the correct answer to your question while on the Internet. Never fear, because you are going to learn the best sites for doing your research and you will never again spend hours lost in the huge spiderweb of the Internet.  

Learning Objectives

When you have completed this Thing you will:‚Äč

  1. know how to search for and evaluate information [Knowledge Constructor]

  2. know the best tools for doing research [Knowledge Constructor]

  3. know how to search safely [Knowledge Constructor]

  4. be able to properly cite sources [Knowledge Constructor]

Quest 1:  Michigan eLibrary

Learn how to use Michigan eLibrary, boolean logic and for your classwork. 

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Quest 2: SAFE SearchING 

Learn about safe search engines for students. 

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Quest 3: Web Site Evaluation

Learn which websites are the most accurate, reliable and safe to use. 

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Quest 4: Citing Your Source

Learn how to give credit to the author of a source. 

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Quest 5: Fake or Real

Learn the difference between fact and fiction. 

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Quest 6: Advanced Search With Google

Learn the best sites for doing your research and you will never again spend hours lost in the huge spiderweb of the Internet.  

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awardiconI have completed the Quests as assigned by my teacher.  
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