21 Things - Basics

1. Basics Graduation



1. Take this Basic ProProfs quiz. The password for the quiz is basics21. Do your best and earn a Certificate (for  a score of 75% or better! Retake as many times are you want. Add it to your Portfolio.

Take a screenshot of your quiz results to show your teacher. 

3. Please take this short survey to share your ideas on how to improve these activities and this 21 Things 4 Students resource. 

4. Show your completed work to your teacher to receive your 21t4s Basics Badge.


 When I have completed this Thing I can:

  • identify the features of the 21 Things 4 Students website
  • identify and use the main features of a web browser
  • set some personal learning goals based on the results of my TechSkills survey
  • take a screenshot on my device
  • use keyboard and browser shortcuts on my computing device
  • teach three shortcuts to others
  • practice keyboarding skills
  • list three key points from my school's AUP
  • create a strong username and password
  • list the basic components of an email
  • apply basic email etiquette and safety
  • explain what AI is and give some examples of how it is being used.

Video Title: Graduation Congratulations Direct Link (0:09)