Orientation to 21things4students


Digital Citizenship

As you become a stronger technology user by working through the 21Things and Quests, you will be asked to think about Digital Citizenship. Depending on what your instructor asks you might:

  • respond to a short journal question on your digital portfolio.
  • answer a short question on a survey.
  • discuss the questions in class or with a partner or small group.

Expanding content boxes

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  • Expand the box on the right using the + symbol in the dark bar for a definition of a digital citizen.

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Playing the Videos

  • Check that your volume will not disturb others.
  • If selecting the play arrow doesn't work on your computer try the direct link located below the video.
  • The videos can be expanded to full-screen.
  • Many of the videos on this site are streamed from our server (mistreamnet.eduvision.tv). We will identify videos linked to from other sites (such as YouTube, SchoolTube, etc.).
  • Video controls are play, pause, full-screen, scroll, volume, cc (closed caption), share, and more. (video controls diagram)

Closed captions (text) for videos

  • You can use the CC for close captions or download and review the PowerPoint or PDF versions provided. 
  • Closed Captions in Spanish are available for the mistreamnet.eduvision videos. When you start playing a video, pause it, go to the CC box and select it, then select Spanish. The translation will appear along the top of the video (so maximize the video onscreen so that the captions block less of the video).

Overview to 21things4students (21t4s)

Orientation to 21Things4Students (Google Slides, PPTX, or PDF) with the 7 main goals of this project.

Controlling the volume on your device

Make sure you know how to turn up, down, or mute the volume on your computing device. This will be helpful for the classmates around you. 

If you are not sure how to adjust or mute the volume, view the directions for the Chromebook, iPad, Kindle Fire, Microsoft Surface tablet, Macbook, and different Windows computers.

how to play the audio files

Audio of the text on a page may appear with a play box as shown below. Select the triangle to play or pause it, and adjust the volume with the slider bar.

Introducing the Student Showcase Portfolio

We are introducing Slide Decks that can be used as a portfolio to document student work for each "Thing" and Quest.
Check with your teacher about using it. The first slide on each template should be deleted after reading it. (Screenshot below)

Screenshot of Student Showcase Portfolio Slide 1 directions

We are providing slide deck templates (Google slide shows or Microsoft PowerPoint .ppt files, that can be downloaded) for each of the 21Things.

What can students do with it?

  • Paste evidence (screenshots) of their work
  • Write their ideas and reflections
  • Add images or embed videos they create
  • Add tips to remember or to share with others
  • Turn it in as an assignment
  • Show it off to a family member, friend, or relative by sharing it
  • Use some or all of it as a resume or for a job application
  • Delete and add slides and media as desired to showcase their technical knowledge and skills
  • Be used with or instead of the Student Checklist for Assignment documentation

To Use the Template you will be able to:

  • Google slides: use the File menu>Make a copy to add it to your own drive space.
  • Microsoft 365 users can download it as a Microsoft PowerPoint file, and upload it to your One Drive, or email it to yourself, or save to use on your desktop with the PowerPoint app.

A short demonstration of accessing and editing the Google slideshow template is located below.


Quizlet learning quizzes

We have provided Quizlet learning modes (match, flash-card, or learn) immediately following the vocabulary sections on each Quest. This has been done to prevent ads from appearing next to the quiz activities. The test mode and spelling mode will not be used in these interactive activities.

GoOn I'm ready to begin Thing 1 - Basics



A definition from Teachthought: “the self-monitored habits that sustain and improve the digital communities you enjoy or depend on.”

From Keira Lecian (March 4, 2014): What does it mean to be a good digital citizen?

"Being a good digital citizen means to demonstrate and practice safe, responsible, and legal use of technology. A good digital citizen is someone who understands the rights and responsibilities that come with being online and someone who uses technology in a positive way. A good digital citizen spreads the good stuff!"

Digital Citizenship Poster your class might post in your classroom.

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