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4. Suite Tools

Please note that this Thing and Quests for the Google Docs has been updated (summer 2020), 

The Quests for Microsoft 365 Word features are being updated October to mid-November 2020. Thank you for your patience. Quests 1 & 6 have been updated for Office 365.


Life is sweet! It is especially sweet when you have all of the suite tools right at your fingertips to complete a project thus making you more productive! Learn to use word processing tools (Google Docs or Microsoft Word). Students will learn to use formatting tools, use shortcuts, do file management, add and edit graphics, share their files, use tables, headers and footers, and much much more.

Do you want to be able to:

  1. Work on your word processing files anywhere (using an Internet connection) without having the software installed?

  2. Upload and download documents in various a variety formats?

  3. Have access to all of the revisions you have made?

  4. Share your file(s) with others you give permission to so they can then edit, comment, and/or view your work simultaneously or at their convenience?

  5. Publish your documents for private or public viewing and even save them in the cloud?

PANIC Scenario: Imagine using a program at school for typing a paper; however, at home, you do not have the software. Panic sets in! How are you possibly going to finish your assignment in the time?

Use a productivity suite that is FREE to use online and offline, so you can get your work done in the comfort of your own home, friends house, or somewhere else, PLUS you can collaborate on work when you are sharing your file online! 

Working and SavinG in the cloud:

Introduction to Google Drive AND Microsoft OneDrive


googledrive               onedrive  

Both of these are online productivity suites and offer fairly similar sets of applications. The Google suite of tools is free to use, and the Microsoft 365 is free to students and educators using a valid school email address. Many schools use Google Apps for Education (Docs, Slides, Sheets, and more), and others subscribe to Microsoft 365 (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and more). There are some other suites of tools by other companies, but this Thing 4 focuses on these two.

Get started building some word processing skills using these free resources. Select the section that meets your school and home use best: Google or Office365.

Learning Objectives

When you have completed this Thing you will:

  1. understand how to use a word processing application [Empowered Learner]
  2. know how to use advanced word processing features  [Creative Communicator]
  3. know how to share documents with others [Digital Citizen]
  4. know how to collaborate with others [Global Collaborator]

I'm ready to learn more about Google docs!


I'm ready to learn more about Microsoft Office 365


I'm ready to collaborate in the Gold Quest: Classroom Collaboration


I have completed the Quests as assigned by my teacher.
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Websites and Apps

Documents Free iPad app

Easybib  www

Evernote  www iPad app Android

Google Drive  www iPad app Android

Microsoft Office Online www

Pages iPad app

Pics4Learning www

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