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Welcome! The objective of the Basics Quests is to build important technology operations, skills, vocabulary, and an understanding of using computing devices. There are eight main Quests and three Gold Quests that are included for those wishing additional resources.

Learning Objectives

When you have completed this Thing you will:

  • be able to navigate the 21 Things 4 Students website (Knowledge Constructor]
  • understand basic technology operations [Empowered Learner]
  • understand your school's Acceptable Use of Technology Policy [Digital Citizen]
  • know how to improve keyboarding skills [Empowered Learner]
  • understand basic email etiquette and safety [Digital Citizen]

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Introducing the Thing 1 Student Showcase Portfolio 

  • Located on each Thing page on the right side menu.

We are introducing Slide Decks that can be used as a portfolio to document student work on the Quests for each "Thing".

Check with your teacher about using it.

Directions: The first slide on each template should be deleted after reading it. (Screenshot below)

Screenshot of Student Showcase Portfolio Slide 1 directions

We are providing slide deck templates (Google slide shows or Microsoft PowerPoint .ppt files, that can be downloaded) for each of the 21Things.

What can students do with it?

  • Paste evidence (screenshots) of their work
  • Write their ideas and reflections
  • Add images or embed videos they create
  • Add tips to remember or to share with others
  • Turn it in as an assignment
  • Show it off to a family member, friend, or relative by sharing it
  • Use some or all of it as a resume or for a job application
  • Delete and add slides and media as desired to showcase their technical knowledge and skills
  • Be used with or instead of the Student Checklist for Assignment documentation

To Use the Template you will be able to:

  • Google slides: use the File menu>Make a copy to add it to your own drive space.
  • Microsoft 365 users can download it as a Microsoft PowerPoint file, and upload it to your One Drive, or email it to yourself, or save to use on your desktop with the PowerPoint app.

A short demonstration of accessing and editing the Google slideshow template is located below.


Quests 1-4 focus on learning to navigate the 21Things, capture your screen, use shortcuts and tips using a web browser.

Quests 5-8: have activities to help you improve your computing knowledge and skills.

Basics Gold Quests: These are extra Quests for those wishing to explore additional Basic activities.


Laptop screen image with Immersive Reader on itWatch the short video (6:14) below to find out how to have the text on the page read out loud, or translated to another language.

Direct link to this video

Learn more about Immersive Reader in Thing 4 Quest 6 Sweet Tools (with Google Docs or with Microsoft Word)

awardiconI have completed the Quests as assigned by my teacher.
Proceed to the Graduation Page for this Thing. 


Directions for using the checklists  (Please read this first if you are going to use them)

1.Basics Overview Teacher Guide

Bulls Eye1.Basics Learning Objectives Slide


An icon showing a digital student showcase portfolio1.Basics Student Showcase Portfolio
Google Slideshow,  or Microsoft PowerPoint

You can change the Quiz mode to Match, Test, Learn, Flash Cards, Spell using the selection list at the bottom right of the activity that says "Choose a Study Mode".

Vocabulary Quizlet Direct link to set.



This is a link to the complete URL list. There is a separate sheet for each Thing. This list is being updated daily as links can go bad or newer content is added.

The sheets can be sorted by:
Screenshot of the top row of the Complete URL list column headers: Thing/Quest, Title, URL, 21t4s Category, Document Type

  • Thing/Quest
  • Title
  • URL
  • 21t4s Category (Websites, 21t4s documents & quizzes, 21t4s videos, videos from other sources, student checklist, teacher guide)
  • Document Type (Google and Microsoft applications, PDF, Quizlets, YouTube-SchoolTube-TeacherTube videos)


Use the Awesome Index to sort by Thing#Quest#, Technology Standards, Interactive/Self-Guided activities, Key Vocabulary, Content Area, Teacher Guides, and Applications.


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