21 Things - Basics

Q1 21t4s Technology Skills and Goals

1. Basics

Short Technology Skills Survey

To help you identify Personal Learning Goals, this skills survey is provided.

1. Please select the button for your grade level to complete a very short technology skills survey.

2. When you complete it, check with your teacher for specific directions to save a copy of your completed survey, and where to save it.

***NOTE: There is a box at the end for you to type your first name and last initial or a student ID number. Please do NOT put your full name in the box for privacy.

3. You will be able to compare your answers to a similar survey later on when your teacher has you do the post-assessment. 


The goal is to provide an opportunity for you to identify personal learning goals first, save the results (or print them out), and then take it again in a few months, and see if you have improved and met your goals.

When you are done with the survey set some Personal Learning Goals.

PLG's = Personal Learning Goals

Write your goals down as you view this slide presentation.

A slideshow about S.M.A.R.T. goals. Direct link

Script for the S.M.A.R.T. Goals Slide deck on the left.

Getting Started:

  1. Check with your teacher and open and save this 21t4s Personal Learning Goals Document to your own file space.
  2. Think about the skills survey you just completed, look at the I Can Statements at the top of this page, and write down two to three goals.
  3. Select some goals that are important and are about what you want to learn to do.
  4. Share your goals with your teacher.

We will remind you to review and set new goals as you go through the 21 Things.