21 Things - Basics

Q1 21t4s Vocabulary

1. Basics
A slideshow introducing the 21t4s vocabulary for this website. Direct link
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Vocabulary Learning Games are provided for some fun practice. We are using interactive Quizlet's for this to do matching, flash cards, and/or quizzes.

21t4s Website Vocabulary List (Google shared document)

Play this interactive vocabulary game:  Direct link

To learn about taking a Quizlet you can view this video

MITECS   Michigan Integrated Technology Competencies for Students

ISTE Standards for Students

1. Empowered Learner
a. Articulate and set personal learning goals, developing strategies leveraging technology to achieve them, and reflect on the learning process itself to improve learning outcomes

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21t4s Roadmap Documents 

  • Google Sheet: File menu - File menu>Make a copy, or choose Download as.. This file can be Downloaded from Google Drive as a Microsoft xls, or PDF document.