21 Things - Basics

Q1 21t4s Student Index & Roadmap

1. Basics


Look along the main menu bar at the top of this page, under the picture.

Screenshot of the Main Menu Bar with: Begin Here, About 21t4s, Index is highlighted, Teachers, MiTechKids, and 21things4students

Select INDEX , then select the Direct Link to Awesome Index for 21things4students.

This is a table where you can sort the listing by: Thing Number, Technology Standard, Interactive/Self-Guided, Key Vocabulary, Content Area, or Applications.

How is this helpful?  You can look for:

  • specific vocabulary word
  • a technology standard such as Digital Citizen and Quests containing information.
  • links to interactive web resources used in this site.
  • subject areas such as math, history, writing.


21t4s Roadmap

An icon for a Roadmap

The 21t4s Roadmap is a listing of all of the 21 Things and Quests. Some students and teachers find it helpful to keep track of the different Things and Quests that are completed during the semester or year.

Note: The Roadmap documents are currently being updated for the 2023-24 school year.

Directions: Check with your teacher for the file type to use to save or download your own copy of the 21t4sroadmap. Note that the Google sheet provided can be downloaded as a Microsoft Excel file or PDF document from the File menu, or copied to your Google drive if you are logged into your account.

Google Sheet Roadmap 2023-24 Use the File menu>Make a copy, or choose Download as...(Microsoft xls)