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Q3. Big Ideas

15. Design Thinking


The next stage of the design thinking process is ideation, where you’ll generate lots of ideas that might help to solve the problem you selected in Quest One. At the end of this Quest, you’ll select your most promising ideas, highlight the best parts of other ideas and ultimately choose an idea to start pursuing. To brainstorm effectively, use these 7 Tips for Better Brainstorming adapted from OpenIDEO on brainstorming.

  • Don’t judge. There are no bad ideas.
  • Encourage wild ideas. Focus on possibilities, not constraints.
  • Build upon the ideas of your teammates or other’s who’ve tried to solve the same problem.
  • Stay focused on solving your problem. Don’t get distracted by ideas that don’t solve your problem.
  • One conversation at a time.
  • Be visual. Put your ideas in a place where others can see them.
  • Go for tons of ideas. There are no bad ideas.

I Can Statement

  • generate ideas for solving problems

Key Vocabulary

Generate: To cause something to begin and develop.

Ideation: Creating new concepts and ideas.

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Record all of your progress in your Design Thinking Workbook

1. Brainstorm

  • Refer to the 7 Tips for Better Brainstorming
  • Set a 10-minute timer.
  • When you press start, generate as many ideas as you can possibly think of.
  • Record them in your Design Thinking Workbook.

2. Develop

  • Put a star next to three of your most promising ideas.
  • Develop them a little bit further.
  • Sketch or describe a quick rough draft of each idea in your Design Thinking Workbook.
  • You can sketch on paper then take a picture and put them into your Design Thinking Workbook if you are doing this digitally without a drawing option.

3. Consider

  • Which idea do you feel is the best for solving your problem? Put a star next to it in your Design Thinking Workbook.
  • What are the best features of your other ideas? Can you incorporate them into your best idea?
  • Complete this statement in your Design Thinking Workbook: I am creating a ______________ for ______________ so that ______________.

Completing this Quest

You have completed this Quest after completing the I Can Statement and steps above. You can move on to Quest 4: Prototype after you’ve selected your best idea as a team.

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