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Q3. Big Ideas Introduction

15. Design Thinking

Design Thinking diagram with an arrow pointing to Ideate.



The next stage of the design thinking process is ideation, where you’ll generate lots of ideas that might help to solve the problem you selected in Quest 2.
At the end of this Quest, you will select your most promising ideas, highlight the best parts of other ideas and ultimately choose an idea to start pursuing.

To brainstorm effectively, use these 7 Tips for Better Brainstorming adapted from OpenIDEO on brainstorming.

  • Withhold criticism
  • Encourage wild and out-of-the-box ideas
  • Build upon or combine ideas that already exist
  • Stay focused on solving your problem.
  • Have one conversation at a time
  • Make a list of lots of ideas - the more, the better 
  • Record all ideas

I Can Statement

  • generate ideas for problem solving
  • communicate in groups to generate solution ideas