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Q3. Big Ideas Step 3

15. Design Thinking

Design Thinking Diagram with and arrow pointing to IDEATE


Narrowing Down your ideas (Convergent Thinking)

Now that you have brainstormed a list of ideas in the IDEATE process, your team (or yourself if working alone) needs to select one 'Best Solution Idea" to move forward with to create a prototype that you will test.

Making an "informed decision" is helpful in your design thinking process, to choose your solution (best idea) based on your knowledge, facts, research, experiences, and sometimes even your gut feelings.  

Convergent Thinking Processes: Below are some suggested methods that are used to help a group or individual make a decision.

Open your Design Thinking Digital Workbook to the Slide for Convergent Thinking.

Review the methods with your team to select a method to use and then discuss it with your teacher, as there may be additional ideas.

A screenshot of the Convergent Thinking slide in the Design Thinking Digital Workbook that suggests different methods for making a decision.

The methods listed on the slide in your Design Thinking Workbook are titled: 

  1. Voting
  2. Categories
  3. Thinking Hats
  4. An alternative way suggested by the team or your teacher

Direct link to Choosing Your Best Idea Video (1:03)

When you have made your decision complete the information in your Workbook located on the "Best Solution for the Problem" slide.

Screenshot of the Best Solution for the Problem slide in the Design Thinking Digital Workbook where the final decision, method of making the decision, and reasons for selecting the solution.