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Q3. Big Ideas Vocabulary

15. Design Thinking

Key Vocabulary

Convergent Thinking: Convergent thinking is a thinking process that focuses on finding a "Best" solution to a problem

Examples: voting, categorizing, using a system to evaluate solutions based on criteria

Generate: Generate is to cause something to begin and develop.

Example: brainstorming is frequently used where a group of individuals collaborate to generate a list of potential solutions or concepts for a specific challenge or problem.

Ideation: Ideation is creating new concepts and ideas. 

Sometimes this is called 10x or Moonshot thinking, where students spend time getting all of their ideas out, no matter how crazy or impossible they may seem. (Resource: Ideation is fun but can be hard)

Informed Decision:  An informed decision is a decision that is made based on facts, and information, analyzing potential outcomes, and weighing the benefits and risks of each option.

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